De-activating my Facebook profile

Facebook got to the point a few months back of being more annoying than useful. Friends had started to use Facebook as a way to contact me instead of using plain old-fashioned email and I was starting to find the time I spent on there never actually achieved anything worthwhile.

So I looked for a way to close my account and found the only way to do it was to de-activate my profile. A few months on and I've not missed it one bit. I don't feel I'm missing anything and time can be better spent elsewhere.

This does beg the question is there going to be a tipping point where Facebook's audience starts to find it not worth the effort or will they carry on spending lots of time there irrespective of whether it provides any meaningful value?

I'd interested to here anyone else's opinion on the subject; am I missing something about facebook -- if you love Facebook what's so awesome about it?

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