CSS Rebooted

I am glad the day has finally come, I've been working really hard to get something together for the May 1st Reboot/CSS Reboot in time.

I spent alot of time trying out different designs and playing around with layouts before settling on this left aligned set-up. I wanted to do something a little bit different from the classic centered Fixed layout with drop shadows. Don't get me wrong I think there's still a lot of mileage in centered layouts, in fact a lot of my recent designs for work have revolved around this look, I just felt I wanted a change.

Not only was I having to worry about designs and CSS layouts, I felt that the Reboot required the first draft of Joornal to become a reality. So here it is, I finished it this morning, talk about fresh off the press. There will undoubtedly be some small issues with Joornal, it's expected; but I want to experience the rough end of the stick so that when I make a release it should be plain sailing for anyone who wants to make use of it.

The main benefits over the last script I wrote for Muffin Research 1.0 is that it's all Object Oriented PHP, which will make the code alot easier to maintain. Also I have sorted out Permalinks so you can now link away, even if the code changes the links won't so that's a good improvement.

Don't forget to vote for me if you like what you see here (the links are above!) I'm listed as Stuart Colville at CSS Reboot and as Muffin Research Labs at the May 1st Site page 12 of 20 if you order by title.

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