Captive in Portugal!?

I returned to work after a few days off to find a really busy day
awaited me. I thought though that it would be ok; I was due to pick up
Sandra from the airport at 11:30pm that evening and Stansted is not too
far away. Also I was looking forward to seeing Sandra and Emma as it's
the first time we have all been apart for any length of time.

As I was finishing up at work I got a call from Sandra. She was saying
that she wouldn't be able to come back tonight as she was being held by
Portuguese Immigration! This was because she didn't have a letter of
authority from me saying that she could travel with our daughter. I
couldn't believe it. The only way for me to sort it out is to fly out
there tomorrow (great, up at 4.00am! ) and bring them home. I could
understand it if they were preventing her leaving England but not

Anyway I guess that's the way it goes. Should be back in tomorrow night.
It's going to be another long day!

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