29 Today

I'm 29 years old today. I'm sure my perception of time is changing so that it seems as though each year is going by at an increasingly faster rate. I'm not actually that worried about getting older even though it does seem like everyone around me is younger these days!

Tonight I'll be celebrating by opening all of my presents with my fiance Sandra and our Daughter Emma whilst reminiscing what it was like when I were a lad. (opening presents at 05:45 seemed to be a little too early).

Time is a funny thing especially in terms of the web. We all take the web for granted and forget that this relatively speaking, a very young industry. Even though I've been working with websites since 2002, so much has happened in even that short time: Web standards has really begun to take off, CSS has made it's way into the mainstream, Browser support is beginning to level out. More recently DOM scripting and Ajax have come to the fore and solidified the usage of older technologies into much more usable solutions.

Of course we do still have to be careful that we are not viewing the world through rose-tinted glasses. It's all to easy to see the web with a myopic view provided by only listening to what the standards community is doing. But that being said, no-one can argue that there really is progress happening on the web. With that in mind I am looking forward to see what will be happening on the web in a year's time? Anyone care to provide their predictions?

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