OSX: Toggle hidden files in Finder

Here's a little shell script I knocked up for toggling hidden files in finder. Running from the Finder toolbar To have this to hand from within »

OSX: No Connected Camera

This is really just a note to self. But when you're trying to use an app that uses your built-in video camera on osx, sometimes you »

Creating a Mavericks OSX VM on an OSX Host

In case you want to try out some things on OSX without doing it for real then being able to create a VM of OSX can »

Disco Beta Review

There's not been that much in the world of software that I've as eagerly anticipated as the release of the beta for Disco. Made by the »

iTunes pegged my CPU at over 130%?

Today whilst I was working I noticed that my system (a MacBook Pro) had slowed to a crawl. To investigate I ran top from the terminal »