Beginning JavaScript

Christian Heilmann's book is soon to be winging it's way onto the bookshop shelves from the 17th July. Don't let the title mislead you there's some »

getElementsByClassName Deluxe Edition

Anyone who's into JavaScript will most likely have written their own take on a getElementsByClassName function. I had a look around at a few recent examples »

Element Ready

The idea for this script came about over a pint with Andy Hume back in February. We were talking about how annoying it is that DOMContentLoaded »

Don't use Javascript to hide bad markup

In a recent post on 456 Berea Street, Jeff Croft made a very valid comment suggesting that using JavaScript to create invalid markup was no better »

From DHTML to DOM scripting

In an in-depth article, Christian Heilmann goes through the failings of older DHTML techniques and shows how to fix them with more up to date unobtrusive »