Apple Boot Camp software for XP installation

I'm a little late picking up on this one but if your haven't already heard, Apple have released some beta software called Boot Camp to smooth »

Intel Macs Unleashed

I stayed up late last night watching the keynote to find out all of the juicy details about Apple's latest announcements: I like the idea of »

Settling in with my Powerbook

I'm pretty settled in with my powerbook now and so I thought I'd share my experiences using OSX from the point of view of being a »

The Lab goes the way of the Apple

This Saturday I will be going to collect my 12" Powerbook that I recently bought on Ebay. I've been hankering after one of these for literally »

Apple Bobbing

I have been watching with fascination the latest OSX86 developments. So far it seems like John C Dvorak's theory is starting to come true. First talented »