FOWA Notes: Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight Sessions.

Stephen Sokols BT

four trends driving shift in the telco industry.

1. Traditional industry lines being blurred. Skype VOIP etc.

2. P2P tech is prolifereating

3. Advertiosing

4. 1:1 is not sufficient as we move to 1:many

Progressive telecoms need to embrace the shifting landscape and turn threats into opportunities.

32 billion minutes of calls made over skype in 2006

BT Contact. is an answer to the changing world of telco.

Ajax interface. Leverges whatever the user is using. Combine Voip, IM, email mobile etc. Search functions built-in. Free Web SMS

<a href=""></a>

Amit Kothari - Quotations book

The process

Locked in a room, scrabble and understood Came out and everthing was web 2.0 Whatever, went back into room

Sociality is a satellite concern - weren't actually desired by our users. QB a rich content system

Search is predictive.

Book, Author or a quote

Through a snippet of js we can track the use of quotes across the internet.

Project Gutenberg. We indexed it and matched the quotes into the books themselves. Now you can see the quotes in context.

Higher and beyond

BLog bling badges SMS and mobile The quote cosmos meaningful, useful Aiming for longevity, searfch engine for anything notable that anyone has said or written.

We're working with Amazon WS, BBC Backstage,, Twitter and... you?

Soocial - Stefan Fountain

I got this new phone the other day.

I need to call my mum in holland to let her know I'm ok.

Get Vcf onto my new phone.

Then I need bluetooth - need to pair the phone

Nope I'll use a cable.

Finally I've got my mum's number so I can call.

We all have different devices. We have a desktop a laptop, cellphones, pdas etc.

Enter information 4 times?

Clunky interfaces. I'm switching between Dutch and English.

We called our app soocial because every successful web company has 2 "O"s in it.

Our slogan: ungimp your contacts.

It's unobtrusive. Ubiquitous


Meet Jane, she gets a new phone with a new number, she adds a number to her group and everyone gets the new number.


MS Office: PLugin

Open API.

Web app.


less is more. Simple as a football. We only want to do contacts.

User Participation

Alpha release On invitation. In the next few weeks. We need developers.

Demo using camera on MacBook.

(Editor: Best. Demo. Ever)