How do you deal with dependent branches on github?

In general, it's good practice to make branches that are independent from other changes and in general kept to a diff of ~500 lines in order »

Running just a single test in grunt-casper

If you'd like to run a single test with grunt-casper you can do so by making use of grunt.option in your grunt-casper configuration. One way »

Fixing sec_error_unknown_issuer

After recently updating my SSL cert I found I was getting a sec_error_unknown_issuer error with FF Android. As it turned out I'd missed »

OSX: Toggle hidden files in Finder

Here's a little shell script I knocked up for toggling hidden files in finder. Running from the Finder toolbar To have this to hand from within »

Using sinon.js with bower (why is undefined?)

Unfortunately if you're using sinon.js via bower for testing in the browser. If you just bower install sinon you'll end up with all the components »