Using Charles proxy to debug live code

We had an interesting bug today on our Marketplace development server where the new Firefox Accounts (FxA) integration we're working on didn't work correctly under FFOS »

Mozilla Festival 2014

Once again MozFest provided a great environment for hackers, thinkers and doers of all ages to get together and plan, talk about and make all kinds »

Adding a DuckDuckGo search box to your blog

I wanted to add a search to this blog. First I looked at adding a google site search. However, it's a script-based approach and it adds »


On hearing the very sad news that Eric Meyer's daughter had passed, it was impossible to not be moved. I found myself taking a moment to »

How do I know if my ubuntu server needs a restart?

A file at /var/run/reboot-required is created that's used at login to tell you a restart is needed in the MOTD. You can check for »