Cross Platform Keyring Library for Python

Kang Zhang has been busy on a Google Summer of Code project to create a cross platform keychain library for Python. The Python keyring lib provides »

PHP: Multiple DNS Queries Using fopen

Whilst working on some inherited PHP code that used fopen I noticed an interesting comment in the PHP manual which pointed out that fopen always makes »

VirtualBox: Error: Cannot register the hard disk

If when cloning VirtualBox VMs you get an error like this: $ VBoxManage clonehd WinXP-IE7.vdi WinXP-IE8.vdi VirtualBox Command Line Management Interface Version 2.2.4 »

Project Fondue Blog

Last weekend I was in Paris with Cyril and Ed spending some time on Project Fondue Projects. One of the things we got done was putting »

BASH: Using brace expansion

There's a nice feature of BASH which is to use a comma delimited list of strings inside of curly braces to reduce the amount of typing: »