Spotify: Linking to a specific time in a track

For a while I've wanted to be able to share a link to a track on spotify so that it jumps the right place. An example »

Web Application Security - LugRadio Live 2009

These are my slides from the presentation I gave at LugRadio Live 2009 at Wolverhampton. The presentation was a brief tour of some common security issues »

Ubuntu: Lock Screen and Pause Spotify

When I used a mac I had a shonky little applescript to pause iTunes when I locked the screen. These days I mostly listen to Spotify »

Open Redirects and Phishing Vectors

There was an interesting article on the Google Webmaster Central blog back in Jan talking about open redirects being abused by spammers. One point they didn't »


Brilliant animation - and nails exactly how I feel about Smooth Jazz. via BoingBoing »